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Good Morning people, I hope you’re well! 
As I type this post, I am getting more and more excited at the fact I go on holiday THIS Friday. That’s right people, this Friday I am jet setting my way to a 5* hotel to sit and chill… It’s going to be bliss! 
So for today’s post, I thought I’d go through my top tips when booking a holiday. I’m not claiming to be some expert, but I do love to travel a lot so I’m getting pretty good at this thing. 
This is probably the most important tip in my opinion. When booking any kind of holiday or getaway, It’s really important to set yourself a budget and then work around that. That way you don’t end up completely emptying your bank account and going completely out of control. Yes, when you’re looking for a holiday, It’s very easy to get distracted by all the pretty resorts, but if it means spending thousands to get there, It’s not worth it. Work to a budget and anything left over is spending money or a room upgrade. 
I’m all up for going to new places, places I have been to before and see new things, however not without research. The risk of going somewhere you have never been before is that you have no idea what to expect, no idea what the country or place is like and no idea what you’re letting yourself in to. When researching, you need to be looking at the local area, distance from airport, weather in that area/country and most importantly the hotel itself. Really root around the website, check out the facilities, how many pools, types of food etc. Also, TripAdvisor is a really good tool. You get a feel or real peoples opinions. The only thing I would say, Is take it with a pinch of salt. Some people on TripAdvisor are right picky, moany people. It just allows you to see if there are any trends on the reviews to be aware of. 
This tip kind of combines the top two. Look out for those deals, they’re actually everywhere. For example, the trip I am about to go on, I looked on the travel website, picked the hotel, noticed on the top bar there was a £120 discount code, so put that into the pay screen, then checked flights and noticed by flying a day earlier I saved myself another £120 and then also noticed that there was a 43% discount on at the time. In total I saved myself around £1000 on this holiday. It’s crazy, if you look hard enough and work a littler smarter, you can save yourself so much money! 
The biggest way of getting a good holiday is via recommendation. Speak to someone who has been to that country, place or hotel and find out what they thought. What was their opinion on the hotel, what tricks and tips did they find out about the country. Someone speaking from experience is probably the most true opinion you can get. Again, take it with a slight pinch of salt as everyone’s preferences are slightly different, but it does give you a good heads up before going away. 
It’s all in the planning. This final tip kind of wraps all tips together. But plan exactly what kind of holiday you want, where you want to go, what you want to do and how long you want to go for. Set all these in place at the very start, along with your budget and away you go. Most, if not all travel sights have a filter option, so once you’ve filtered them down, you’re pretty much there. Don’t wing it, it’s definitely worth having a plan in place. 
So there you have it, my top 5 tips when booking a holiday. 
I hope this has helped you in some kind of way for when you want to book your holiday.
Now I’ve got to go as I need to start packing, y’all! 
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