Summer Clear Out | By Harrison

Every year I like to have a little wardrobe clear out, get rid of the stuff I never wear and pack away the last seasons clothes. It has now reached that time of the year for that clear out. 
Every year I try and be ruthless with the clear out. I always look at my clothes and have the mentality that If I haven’t worn that item for at least 6 months, It needs to go. This may not work for everyone, but it’s definitely something that works for me. It allows me to make room for new clothes and also keep my wardrobe looking fresh and how I like it. 
The image above was before the clear out/ pack away. 
Now the image above my not look like much, but trust me, it’s a life saver. I have no idea what the technical term for this product is, but it’s a storage box which slides under the bed… there we go, very technical. 
This is what I use every year to rotate my wardrobes from Autumn/ Winter to Spring/ Summer. 
Top Tips For A Clear Out: 
Be Ruthless. There is no point in keeping something on the off chance you’ll wear. You most likely won’t wear it again if you’re having to think about it too much.
Be Realistic. If you have something that you don’t really need, something that you’re not that keen on or something that you have duplicated, just throw it. Put it in a charity bag or give it to a family member, It could be used for something better than just sitting in your wardrobe. 
Charity Bags. Use charity bags, they’re so handy. Not only are they massive and fit near enough everything you need in them, they also go to good use. There is always someone out there less fortunate than you. So why not kill two birds with one stone and give your unwanted stuff to someone who could really benefit from it. 
Frame Of Mind. I think it’s so important to be in the right frame of mind when clearing out your stuff. There is not point in being in a rush, being tired or not really feeling it. You really need to take your time, dedicate some time to really going through everything one by one and making the most of that time. Once you start, you’ll be absolutely fine… it’s just the thought of it can be daunting. Also, once you start, you’ll soon realise you have more clothes than you thought. Take. Your. Time. 
Now you can see from this image, it may not look like there is a lot less in there, but the heavy winter clothing has come out, the summer stuff is in and the unwanted stuff is in a charity bag. A very successful little clear out. Also, this is just the wardrobe, you should see my draws (Hold the dirty thoughts right there), because they are empty!! 
 I hope you’ve enjoyed this little hints and tips post around clearing out. 
| Harrison | 

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