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Well hello there. I hope you lovely people had a wonderful weekend! Back to it though and back to another week of blog posts.
I was very reluctant to write this post as I am very aware the blog has been quite ‘hair heavy’ in recent times. But hey, what can I say, I’m loving it! 
So as you all may know, dying your hair comes with many pros and cons. One of them cons being that it can majorly dry out your hair. I have gone from a very dark brown to a very light blonde, so as you can imagine, my hair isn’t in the best of conditions. 
With that in mind, I took myself off down to Tesco to hunt out a Hair Mask. Now I had heard of these through the whole blogging world but never really had the need to try one. Until now. 
Nicky Clarke has been a brand that I have loved for years, I have always used their products and hairdryers, so when I saw this on the shelf I gravitated towards it straight away. It does come in a massive tub, but for the sake of an experiment, I thought I would just try the little sachet. With this mask, you put it onto towel dried hair and leave for 15 minutes before washing off. It’s as simple as that. 
Honestly, I have been so impressed with the results of this that I have gone back and purchased the whole tub. It has really repaired my whole hair, leaving it in nearly the same condition as before. A very quick and easy mask has done the world of good for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone! 
This is something I now use once every week just to keep my hair in great condition. It’s also something that is going to come in handy in a months time when my Bestfriend and I are off on our holidays. Watch this space and on my Youtube channel for a lot of holiday inspired posts. 
Anyway, that’s enough from me for today. I will see you all back here on Wednesday for a little Beyonce appreciation post!
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