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Warning: This is going to be a long one!!
Recently I have been feeling so creative, getting into the whole Youtube thing, posting on instagram daily and I have been picking up my camera again and capturing so many shots. Photography was something I studied at college and something I have loved for years, but recently it took a little dip so I am over the moon to be really getting back into it. 
As I have been picking up my camera a lot, I have been finding myself drawn to sunset pictures. I have been experimenting with the light and trying to capture some really cool images. The one above is probably one of my favourites. 
So today I thought I’d compost a little massive post showing you all my sunset obsession. 
The three images above were all taken on the same day. My friend and I went on a little sunset mission to see if we could get some cool pictures. The lighting was so good and cloud formation was just on point to great some really interesting shots. There was absolutely no wind that day either which allowed for the shot of the boats on the water. 
This one is not really of the sun, but it was taken as the sun was setting so I guess I’m all good to include it into this post. This image is of the O2 in Southampton. I wasn’t actually going to the O2 at this point, I was on my way to GBK over the road.
So a little back story to the two images above. My best friend and I go out for dinner around three times a week. It’s just what we do, it’s our hobby. After dinner, we always, without fail go for a drive and sing out little hearts out. Neither of us can sing (we think we can) but it’s just something we love to do, get lost in the music and go for little road trips. 
So the two images here were captured while on one of our little road trips out to The New Forest one evening. The sun was burning through the clouds creating this almost spooky atmosphere around us. It was pure photographers heaven. 
To end things on a positive note, this image was only taken this week. I really liked the way this picture came out as it’s a lot lighter than the others, it’s definitely a lot more uplifting than the other darker styled sunset shots I have captured previous. 
This one to me pretty much sums up The New Forest and how it’s beauty can be found anywhere… even at the side of the road leaning out of my car window!
So there you have it, a long old blog post about my love for sunset’s and showing you some of the cool pictures I have taken. To stay up to date with my photography, head over to my Instagram where I post near enough everyday! Click here for my Instagram.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I will see you back here on Friday for another Foody Friday post! 
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