Bill’s Restaurant | Review’s By Harrison

Let me talk to you about Bills. 
Bill’s is a chain of restaurants, scattered perfectly around the country, feeding those in a friendly and quirky environment. Bill’s are not only famous for their outstanding quality of food, but the locations are just as excellent. 
Starting off in Lewes, East Sussex a small boy was gifted a plot of land by his father and told to make of it what he will. That young boy decided to open a greengrocery shop and sell his home-grown produce to the locals. The business began to grow and get ever more popular so he decided to move the shop to the local high-street. In 2000 the shop was hit by a flood and ruined everything. So when he decided to rebuild from ground up, they added a cafe, named Bill’s. 
Over the years they got ever more popular, becoming somewhat a sensation, growing the business and opening more and more locations around the country. Bill’s have strived to become not just a place to sell food, but a place people want to visit. A place people return over and over again, feeding the millions From Breakfast to Bedtime and Everything In-Between
I certainly know that Bill’s is one of my favourite places to go and I will travel far and wide to taste the excellence that is put in front of me every time I go. One of my favourites being the Egg’s Benedict as pictured above. 
Bill’s is somewhere I recommend to everyone. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner with friends, family or even a first date. Bill’s cater to everyone and I can assure you, you’ll leave that place wanting more. 
I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different Blog Post! 
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