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Well hello there, I am back! I took a week off from the blog. Things have been getting way over the top with work, Youtube and the blog… I was loosing my mind, so I took a little break to recharge my creative battery and I am back… With a new and improved hairstyle!
So as you may have remembered from my March Monthly Favourites post, I have recently had my hair coloured. Since then, I have gone back for more and now I would go as far as to say I’m nearly addicted! 
This post is also a follow up to the previous post in how I wash coloured hair. 
So, let’s throw things back a few years and start this story from the very beginning. 
When I was 16 I was working in my hairdresser (I no longer get my hair done there). I decided one day that I wanted to get my hair coloured, so out came the bleach and off we went. To start with, it was great, I loved it and thought I’d go back for more… What a mistake! When I got it done again, something along the way went wrong and the hair was just a disgusting mustard shade. I almost cried, we dyed it back brown and I vouched to never colour my hair again! 
6 years down the line, here I am! So my current hairdresser is also my hair stylist. Whenever I go into the salon, she always comes up with new styles and new ways to cut the hair. Over the past few months she has been going on and on about colouring my hair and how she thinks it’s look good… I wasn’t so easy to convince. 
Nevertheless, I bit the bullet and let her take the bleach shaped wheel. Off she went. To start with, we only coloured the fringe and I loved it. It looked so good and It really bought out the colour in my eyes. And so the addiction began…
I write this post just 1 day after getting more colour put through my hair. I decided to have the fringe lightened and to have more blonde put through the whole hair. I was in the hairdresser for 3 hours!! But it was definitely worth it! 
So the process in which we follow to get my hair this colour is simply put bleach on the sections I want coloured and sit there for around 2 hours waiting for the hair to lift. Once the hair has reached the desired colour, we then put toner throughout. A toner is what eliminates the ‘brassiness’ of the hair. It makes it go that platinum/ grey colour and really gives the colour that brightness I wanted! 
I finally have the bug for colouring my hair so keep and eye out on all my social media for updates which will no doubt be featured heavily in the next few weeks. 
I hope you have enjoyed this first post after my little week away!
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