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It’s that time of the month again. Welcome to my March Monthly Favourites. The time of the month where I talk you through everything and anything that I am loving this month, why I love it and what it’s doing for my life right now. So, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: I am cheating slightly on this post and using images from other posts/instagram posts. 

First a foremost, My favourite favourite, my new hair! So I have had a bit of a disaster history with hair dye. When I was 16 I had my hair bleached and It turned out orange. It was awful and I nearly cried. 6 years down the line, I have plucked up the courage, with a little persuasion from my hairdresser to get it colour again. This time (Which the picture doesn’t show to it’s full glory), It is a very icy blonde/grey. 
The colour has only been put through the fringe and I am obsessed! I am so happy with the way it’s turned out and I fear I am going to develop a slight addiction to getting my hair coloured. By hey, here’s to new addictions!! 
The 2nd favourite of the month is this beautiful specimen of a moisturiser. I have already dedicated a blog post to this, Link Here so I won’t blab on about it. 
The more I have used this, the more I fall in love with it. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed in the mornings and lasts all day. I never need to reapply, top up or ever feel like a snake shedding it’s skin. Very highly recommend and absolutely love this! 
I have also done a blog post on theses babies, so I’ll leave another link Here.
These are my Bellfield Boots that I got for Christmas. I never had any really smart shoes or boots so I (my dad) decided to invest. However, after I got them, I didn’t really have too many occasions where I needed to wear them. Recently though, I have had work events, birthday’s and smart events where I have got so much wear out of them. 
They look really good, however, they are probably the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own. But you know what they say, nobody said looking good was comfortable! 
Despite the discomfort, I have been loving wearing this with several different outfits and have got loads of compliments!
Last but by no means least, this little bad boy. My new camera! 
So earlier this month, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. My best friend and I have been obsessed with Youtube for years now and she has constantly mentioned how I should start my own channel with Vlogs etc. So for my birthday, she surprised me with this camera. So dare I say it, I have started a Youtube Channel! God that feels weird to say!! 
My first vlog is up which you can find the link Here. I am so excited and my friends have watched it and loved it! Please take a look, like and subscribe, It would mean the absolute world to me!! Leave a comment on the video if you saw this post which took you too the video!! 
So there you have it, my month in favourites!
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