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Recently my best friend Kate and I took a trip down to Brighton for a university interview that she had. It wasn’t until I was down there again that I realised just how much I love it. 
My first time to Brighton was around this time last year for my 21st birthday. We stayed right opposite the wheel above (I don’t know if it has a special name). It was such a good weekend and was the first time I fell in love with the city. 
Yes the new pier is nice and everything, but there is just something so cool yet spooky about that old pier. For those of you that don’t know, in 2003 the pier set on fire. Back in 2002 it was closed when it was struck by lightening causing a walkway to collapse followed by the concert hall. Then in 2003, the fire consumed the rest of the pier. To this day, it is still unknown as to what caused the fire. The picture above is what the pier looks like now. I think it looks so cool and something which you never really find elsewhere. Definitely worth checking out if you go. 
Brighton by sunset is just the most magical place to be. You can capture such great images and just makes the whole place feel so magical. This shot was right on the beach outside our hotel room. This picture was actually taken on our first trip down there and looking back on them now, makes me want to move! I love that city and could really picture myself living there! It is so quirky and cool with all the lanes and little unique shops. Obviously, you still have your main hughstreet brands in the Brighton Mall which also is a great place to spend a load of money!! 
This last shot is on my Instagram (Go check it out). This is a part of Brighton I had never been to before until last week. This is part of the Marina Village. Brighton has this whole complex built on the marina with shops, restaurants and newly built flats. I thought this was just such a good idea and made you feel like you were on holiday abroad. This is the exact thing that makes me fall in love with the place, the whole unique-ness of it all. On this day, it was actually really windy and the waves were huge. Due to the massive wall in the background, this prevents the waves coming up to the shoreline where all the shops and boats are. 
An amazing place to visit and definitely one of my favourite places in the country!! 
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