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A new moisturiser I hear you say. Indeed it is!
So last week I completely was unplanned with everything in my life. I just had an organisational meltdown and one of the things to suffer was my moisturiser. I all of a sudden realised I completely ran out and had to run to the shop to get more. Upon arrival of my local Boot’s, I soon found out my usual Boot’s No7 Anti Shine Lotion was out of stock. I was mortified. Forced to choose a new product, I began rooting around and came across this god send of a product. 
This is the sensitive moisturiser from The Real Shaving Company. When It comes to moisturisers, I always go for something which is designed for sensitive skin. Not because I have overly sensitive skin myself, It’s just I always prefer the formulas and they tend to be less greasy in finish. 
The first thing that drew me to this particular one was actually the packaging. All their products were set out together and looked really pleasing on the eye. The whole range of products looked really professional and something I was definitely up for trying. 
The formula is very thin yet covers the whole face perfectly. A pea sized amount goes more than a long way and my skin feels so moisturised for the whole day. I never really find my skin drying up after using this and it leaves it looking so fresh and alive. 
It’s such a great size and great value for money. So this 100ml bottle I think I only paid something like £4.99… A-mazing!
I think I can safely say I will be sticking to this one and may not even go back to my Boot’s No7! If only The Real Shaving Company did Gradual Tanners… I’d be all over that like a rash! 
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