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The January blues are well and truly out of the way, Spring/Summer is getting closer and it’s time to lose that Winter lull. 
Recently I have been am loving to experiment with my wardrobe, trying new things and really taking it all in when shopping. Usually, I go shopping with a purpose, but in recent weeks, I have been really enjoying just wandering the shops looking for anything and everything that may come up… apart from I went shopping one time to purposely pick up my shoes. 
It’s only natural that with the success of my shopping, comes a blog post to follow. So here it is! 
Adidas Superstars – First and foremost, my new Adidas. I have been eyeing up the Superstar Originals of ages, trying to decide whether I could pull them off or not, whether I like them enough to warrant paying the money for them and even trying to decide what colour to go for. Originally I was going to go for the red or yellow pair as I thought they’d look so good with an all black outfit. Then my inner ‘old man’ spoke to me and decided how highly un-practial they would be. I then was going to get the all white pair, but I have all white Nikes and thought they just looked similar. I then saw Nick Grimshaw wear this pair and just fell in love. From that moment on, I was on the war path to get them. It wasn’t until I went shopping to Gunwarf Quays that I found them at a £20 discount when I knew it was just meant to be. Needless to say, they went straight in my basket! 
H&M Sweatshirt and Tee – These two items are the result of ‘just mooching around the shops’. On this particular shopping trip, I didn’t really go with an agenda. I just went to have a little mooch, see what was about and see if I could get any inspiration for my slow growing, capsule wardrobe (Possible future blog post alert). When in H&M I found this sweatshirt. It is nothing like I have felt before. It’s hard to tell in the image, but it is like a ‘structured’ material. It holds it’s shape really nicely and is such a flattering shape. It’s a very dark grey – almost khaki kind of colour. To go with this, I have teamed it with a Long Tee. Now this whole ‘Long Line’ trend really doesn’t suit me. I’m about 5’7 and not that slim, so wearing anything Long Line makes me look like a man in a dress, which is about 2 sizes too small. Not a good look. However, my inner Gok came out and thought up of popping the Tee underneath to create that layered look. Voila, there you have it. Another great look! 
Raybans – It seems like I am forever shopping (I’m not), but on this shopping trip where I purchased my new sunglasses, I was actually shopping with and for my Dad. Dad decided he wanted a new jumper so I said I would go with him to sort some new clothes out. Obviously, me being me, I got completely side tracked and ended up trying on near enough every pair of sunglasses in Sunglasses Hut. I was like a kid in a candy store. It was amazing. These Raybans featured in my post last week about my obsession, which you can find Here, and will most likely feature in many more to come. They are just in their Round Range and are just my new favourite thing. They have jet black frames with a blue/green mirrored frame. They are ever so slightly winged in the corners which frame my face so much better and are just a nice twist on the typical rounded sunglasses. So in love and well worth Dad spending the money on me! 
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