The Lazy Cleanser | By Harrison

Yes, I am still on the Micellar Water bandwagon. You know I’m always down for a cheeky trend. 
So I have been trying out Micellar Water for a while now and have been really impressed with the results. The best thing about it, It has quickly become my lazy day cleanser. 
You ever get those nights where you really can’t be arsed, you can just about be bothered to clean your teeth, yeah, I get them a lot. So when I’m feeling like that, Micellar Water really comes in handy. Pop it on to a cotton pad, swoosh it around your face and off you go. Yes, I admit it’s probably not the most deep of cleansers and probably isn’t going to do the best job, but surely it’s better than going to bed without doing anything. 
When I went looking for Micellar Waters, I had the Simple cleansing water in mind but my local boots had ran out, so I picked up this one from Garnier. I’m pretty chuffed with it, I can’t fault it too much and will continue to use it. This is great for women I think as it’s completely scent free so won’t effect their eyes when they use it to remove makeup. However, for me, I think I would prefer something with a little more scent to it. That’s just me being fussy though! 
If you’re feeling lazy, can’t be bothered but love a cleanse… Get this!! 
| Harrison | 

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