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With London Fashion Week upon us and Sunglasses Hut working with LFW,  I thought I’d bring you a fashion-ey, sunglasses-ey post. Please welcome, my Rayban obsession. 
For as long as I can remember, Rayban have always been the coolest sunglasses. I remember as a kid, thinking that they were just the best thing and how cool it would be if I could ever have a pair. For my 18th, I was first graced with a pair. Honestly, I felt like the bee’s knees. 
A few years later and here I am having enough pairs to write a blog post about them! Life ey, It works wonders sometimes! 
The Classic Wayfarer. The absolute staple Rayban and the one thing everything thinks of when you say “Raybans”. These were the first pair I ever got. I got them with the polarised lenses which added a little cost to them. These are so substantial and have quite some weight to them. You can just tell they are so expensively made and are such a good quality piece. A great accessory for when you just want a simple black eyewear. 
The Erika’s. This pair, I am so in love with *heart eyes emoji*. The way that this pair is made, just means they sit on my face so nicely. They’re a lot softer on the face because of the colour and they are slightly bigger than my other pairs of sunglasses which mean they’re really flattering. Such a great pair of sunglasses and I have absolutely worn these to death!
Granted, not the best picture in the world. But it was so difficult to capture these lenses without the reflection of me stood there in my dressing gown. These are my brand new Raybans and brand new to Rayban themselves. The current trend for sunglasses is to have the round frames, these are just another take on that. Instead of going for the classic round frame, I have gone for a pair which have a slight wing to them and have a mirrored frame. This frame is so cool. From certain angles it looks green, others it looks blue and then others it looks slightly brown. As soon as I put these on, I knew I had to have them! Love love love! 

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