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Combined Monthly Favourites | Favourites By Harrison

This month has been quite boring on the favourites front, therefore I will be combining both January and February into one post. A lot of the stuff that I have been loving has been the same for a few months now and has already featured heavily on the blog. 
So today, I’ll talk you through my 4 favourite items right now.
My first and favourite, favourite has to be my new iPhone. At the beginning of January I decided to upgrade my phone and purchase the new iPhone 6S. Before, I had the 5S which I loved but it had just started to slow down, it was getting marked and the memory just wasn’t big enough. 
I have always been a massive Apple fan and when they released the 6, I fell in love. Then came the 6S and I just couldn’t say no! 
Black is my favourite colour, so needless to say, I went for the Space Grey one! Love love love! 
Secondly and as you would have seen last week, lip balm is a must have for me. I have tonnes of the stuff! Recently I went on a little Boots Haul and purchased a few new products. Two of which are these. Burt’s Bees and The Carmex Moisturising Stick. I use these together. As the Carmex has a tint to it, I use that first to give my lip a little colour, then go over the top with the Burt’s Bees to give me the moisture I need. Also, the Burt’s Bees smells amazing! It actually smells of Honey!! Such a great lip combination for both males and females. Definitely worth a try! 
Last but by no means least, my Hugo Boss Aftershave. I got this for Christmas but haven’t really used it much… until recently. The scent of this is so fresh and has that definite ‘Boss’ smell. I think Hugo Boss fragrances are so well recognised and have been so popular that you can always tell what it is when you smell it on someone. I absolutely love wearing this and it can easily be worn as a ‘day’ fragrance or a ‘night’ fragrance! 
A firm favourite in my aftershave collection! 
So this month has not been much at all, but I will keep thinking of new things I have been loving so hopefully the favourites post next month has a little more substance! 
| Harrison | 

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