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I think there is something really therapeutic about sitting in a coffee shop with a friend and just watching the day go by. Some of my best made plans have been thought up on a coffee shop. Getting that chance to sit down and do nothing else other than drink great coffee with great company is one of the best things in life.
I’m the first one to admit I drink far too much coffee and should probably cut down. But It’s just too good. Anything coffee flavoured, anything with the word coffee in, I’m there. 
Some people may call me a fake coffee lover. Real coffee addicts are the kind of people who drink black coffee and have espresso shots. Not me, I’m a Latte or Cappuccino kind of guy. 
That creamy taste with the froffy topping. Mmmm, some people would argue that it’s better than sex. Strangely I use coffee for one of two ways. Either to calm down and relax, i.e. in the coffee shop. Or to pick myself up and give me some energy. If I need the latter, then I most definitely have my coffee with little to no milk. The stronger the better. However, I think because I drink it so much now, the caffeine is starting to have less of an effect on me. Oops. 
I applaud the person who discovered coffee and for the person who decided a coffee shop would be a good thing, you deserve a medal! 
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