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Fashion and style is definitely something I have always been really interested in. From a young age, I have fascinated over designer items and have lusted over the thought of having something designer of my own. Growing up, working and earning my own, that dream has become my reality. Fashion is something that is still a massive part of my life and something in which I continue to love. 
On my recent visit to Paris, I couldn’t resist going into the designer shops to have a look around. It’s not so much the branding of it all, it’s more the quality of the items, the way they are all on display, the pure luxury of the pieces in the show rooms. I just can’t! 
Yves Saint Laurent has always been up there with my favourite brands. They have always been so edgy, so cool and yet so classy. Black and white is my favourite colour combination, so when I saw this card holder, It was safe to say I wasn’t leaving the store without it. 
This card holder is perfect for someone like me. I don’t deal with cash. I pay with everything on my card and end up collecting different discount cards for different shops and restaurants *Coughs* Nandos *Coughs*. It’s a great size and looks so chic in the meantime. 
The service I received in the Paris store of Yves Saint Laurent was pretty much flawless. They were so helpful, so respectful, didn’t pressure me into buying it and helped me make my decisions. They were all so friendly and we even got a glass of champagne *Swoons*.
I completely understand this kind of thing isn’t to everyone’s taste, budget or style, but it definitely is mine. Talking of budget, this item wasn’t cheap but if you’re looking for something similar, ASOS do some amazing card holders for over half the price. If you’re looking for something in-between high end and highstreet, then Whistles do some great card holders for a reasonable price. Definitely worth checking out.
Below are 4 links to card holders I had found on ASOS which I absolutely love and are nowhere near the price of something from YSL. Take a look! 
Happy Shopping!
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