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Look at it. Look at my baby!! 
For years now, I have been lusting over Daniel Wellington watches. They are so timeless, effortlessly stylish and an absolute key piece to any accessory wardrobe. Yet in the UK, they’re gold dust. I can never seem to find them! 
It wasn’t until last year, that I was able to get my hands on one. I took a trip to America for 3 weeks for a family holiday. The shopping malls in America are to die for. They have near everything you could ever want. I had never been In a Bloomingdales before now. We went in to have a little look around and there it was, a whole stand dedicated to Daniel Wellington. I couldn’t resist. 
When I bought the watch, it had a different strap to the current one. That’s the beauty of Daniel Wellington. All the watches have interchangeable straps. 
When I first purchased it, I had the NATO strap, which is canvas. Mine was blue, green and white and I still love it. I’m consider going back to it! However, the canvas just wasn’t the most practical and I feared it would get ruined pretty quick. So I purchased a tanned leather strap to change it up a bit. It’s needless to say, I never looked back. 
Now I have had the watch for nearly a year, I am still as much In love with it as I was when I first got it. Such a timeless piece and I can highly recommend this brand to anyone. It’s not the cheapest watch in the world, but it will definitely last you a long time! 
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