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Organised is pretty much my middle name. Punctuality is a must and living by lists is essential.  Today, I’ll be talking you through my top tips on how to stay organised. 
Calendars. My biggest tip and the one I use the most, is calendars. Especially the one on my phone. I use this for anything and everything. Everything I have to do is here. God forbid I lost my phone, I don’t know what I would do. It’s such a handy way of keeping on top of everything and tracking everything I have to do. 
Lists. As much as I love my phone and other devices, you can’t beat a good list. A good, old fashioned paper list. I absolutely love writing lists, ticking them off and feeling really accomplished once I have achieved everything on the list. This is a very productive way of getting things done. 
A Watch. As simple as this one sounds, having a watch is such a good way of staying organised. I am such a punctual person. I’m always the one who turns up early and get’s really annoyed if people are late. It’s just simple manners, be on time! Not only that, but it’s a good way of staying on time to then be able to make the most of a day. 
Reminders. This last tip falls under the ‘electric device’ umbrella. On iPhones, the reminder app is so useful and probably one of my most used apps. I wouldn’t say I have a bad memory, I would just say it can sometimes be… selective. Setting reminders on my phone means I don’t ‘selectively’ forget things and means I stay on track with everything I need to get done. 
So there you have it, organisation at it’s best… or my version at least. 
Let me get back to writing my list of things that need to be done this week… Or I might catch up on Making A Murder and just procrastinate for a while! 
See you on Wednesday for another post. 
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