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These boots are made for walking… (You’re now going to have that song stuck in your head).
Recently I have been loving boots. Dressing in smart causal has been my thing and I really think a boot can just add that extra something to an outfit. 
I have always been a tanned boot kinda guy… Until recently. I decided I wanted to change things up a bit, go for something I have never gone for before and thats when I found these babies! 
These boots are from a brand called Bellfield who literally specialise in smart casual. This is my first purchase from Bellfield and what can I say, I’ll definitely be going back! 
Usually my go to colour is black, but I wanted to change things up a bit. These boots are a very dark blue with black accents. They are just so smart and chic, I absolutely love them. They’re so different to anything I have had before and are much smarter than any other shoe I own (Apart from work shoes). 
I have also recently purchased a jumper from Zara which has blue running through it. I think that, teamed with a skinny black jean and these boots… #Fashionista 
Completely head over heels (see what I did there)
Leave a comment below with some of your recent fashion favourites. I’d love to know and love to get inspiration too!! 
| Harrison | 

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