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All my life I have struggled with my skin. Either having spots, dry or overly greasy skin. I could never get the balance right. Over the years I have tried 100’s of different moisturisers and probably spend £100’s in doing so. 
I always needed a moisturiser which gave me hydration but not shine, smooth skin but not greasy. Try getting that balance right, it’s not easy! 
Last year I came across Boots No7 products. My mum has been using them for years, then discovered the men’s range and pointed me in the right direction. I firstly tried one of their standard moisturisers, but same story, I found it made my skin overly greasy. It wasn’t until I gave it another whirl where I found their Anti-Shine Lotion. This stuff is heaven on my face!! 
Due to the Anti-Shine of the product, it gave me the perfect amount of hydration, without the shine. The formula is a lot lighter than any other’s I have tried which I think gives less of a shine. It lasts ages and is absolutely perfect for my type of skin. 
However, come winter and I’m as white as a sheet, I need to inject some colour into the skin. This is where things get real scary for me. When it comes to tanning products, I have always been scared to touch them as I feel I’ll end up looking orange or having awful tan lines. Nevertheless, I dipped my toe into the tanning waters, threw caution to the wind and hit the shops hard. Having had No7 products before, I thought I’d start there. 
Again, the formula of the Gradual Tan Moisturiser is very light which gives me less shine. With this product though, due to the light formula, to get a decent tan going I have to pile it on a bit. I love this though, It’s really build-able and doesn’t leave you looking orange. Very good to give you a little glow during your not-so-tanned days. 

Last and by all means least, the final moisturiser I have been using recently is the L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturiser. Unfortunately, out of the three, this is my least favourite. I have always been somewhat a fan or L’oreal products, but this one is definitely too heavy for my skin.  This definitely leaves me looking ultra shiny (not a good look). 
However, I keep using this one because It’s great for in the evening. After my skin routine is complete, I put this on right before getting into bed as it provides great hydration throughout the night. 
And there you have it. My favourite moisturisers at the moment and a very chatty routine in how I use them. I hope this helps those dry skinned readers out there or just anyone who is looking for a decent moisturiser that isn’t too bank breaking. 
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