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Get me, a post on a Friday. I’m really packing them in this week!
It’s time to talk food. Now, I’m a big lover of food, always have been and always will be. If there is food involved, I’m there! It’s all me and my friends do, everything in my life literally resolves around some form of food or eating. It’s great!! 
So I thought I’d channel my love for food on the blog. I bring to you Foody Friday’s.
This is going to be a series of posts on the channel, in which I hope to continue, about my favourite things I have eaten that week. Every time I eat something amazing, providing I remember, I am going to take a picture and have that as the next Friday’s post. My food highlights of the week, If you will. 
So this week, by far it has been my brie and cranberry baguette. I literally don’t need to say anything other than LOOK AT THAT BAGUETTE!!!
It was divine. I literally made it up, put it in the microwave and the results were better than I could imagine. So goody, so warm, so good! 
Much excitement! 
I hope you enjoy this little food series, and as ever, I’d love to read any of your blogs. Feel free to comment below with links, especially if they’re food related!! 
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