My Lush Obsession Continues | Hauls By Harrison

The holiday’s are over and the Haul-idays are here! (I’ve completely just made up the word haulidays)
Christmas is over, It’s no longer acceptable to live in PJ’s, so I had better put these babies to use and face the real world. Time for a pamper and try to make myself look human again. 
For Christmas I received these three bath bombs. Snow White, Rose Jam and Shoot For The Stars. I have never had these one’s before so cannot wait to try them. 
If money were no object, I would buy one of everything in my local Lush. I never used to be that fussed about Lush Cosmetics, but in recent months, I have completely fallen in love with the stuff. 
I’m thinking I may try Rose Jam first (The red one). It smells AMAZING. After these ones, I am going to go on the biggest Lush haul of my life. Throw caution to the wind and bring out the big guns.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 
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