12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 12

Christmas Dinner

Well here we are. We have finally reached the 12th and final day of Blogmas. 
I have absolutely loved spending so much time on the blog, coming up with my favourite things about Christmas and putting together small, daily posts. 
Some of them have been harder than others and some of them I have cheated slightly by getting images from Google. 
Nevertheless, I have enjoyed every minute. 
So we come to the final thing in which makes Christmas so special… and that is the dinner. 
A good Christmas dinner is just at the heart of everything. Forget the presents, forget Santa, forget all of that, the Christmas dinner is what everyone really looks forward to. 
You spend far too much, cook far too much and eat far too much but equally, you love it. I cannot wait for my Christmas dinner. We’re having 2 meats, veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets (doing the Pigs In Blankets is still my job and still the best thing about the meal). We’re having at least 3 different types of deserts and just generally going to have an amazing time! 
Once again, I have absolutely loved doing Blogmas and I hope any of you reading this have as well. I love sharing parts of my life like this and it has got me so excited for the big day! 
I want to thank any and all of you who have read this blog, liked the blog and continue to like it. 
It fills me with so much joy and passion to work on a little project like this and come up such creative content! 
I wish you all the most Merry of Christmas’ and the happiest New Year!!! 

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