12 Days Of Blogmas | Day 10


Now this has only turned into a favourite thing of mine over the past 2 years. Youtube is something which is quite new to a lot of people. 
Youtube is actually the reason I started this blog. 
Now, I never actually watch TV. It is always either Netflix of Youtube. For those of you who don’t know what a vlogger is, it is someone who simply films every day of their life. Some people do more of a professional edit and make it more of a film, some people do quite a simple one. 
You have daily vloggers and weekly vloggers. 
Every Christmas a lot of vloggers do Vlogmas, where if they don’t already film every day of their life, they film every single day of December leading up to Christmas. 
It’s such a cool thing to do and such an interesting insight into their lives. 
Lily Pebbles is by far on of my favourite vloggers. She is such a genuine person who doesn’t play to the camera. She is 100% herself and that’s what I love her for. 
This year I have been hooked on her vlogmas and it was for her and her blog that I started this one. 
So this has definitely got to be up there with my favourite things to do over the Christmas period. 

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