For Those Wrapping Haters Out There…

Today you get the pleasure of not one, but two posts! Blogmas has already gone up this morning and sticking with the Christmas theme, this post is going to be dedicated to the wrapping loathers out there.
Wrapping presents is the one part of Christmas that I hate! I cannot stand wrapping presents and it actually fills me with dread when I know I have to do it. 
 Last night I was up until 11:00pm wrapping all my presents (My idea of a wild Saturday night).
So today, I will be giving you my top tips for wrapping presents.
1. Do It alone. I decided to wait until the house was empty before I started. I feel with nobody around there is nothing to get distracted by. Trust me, if I hate something, I’ll do anything I can to get distracted. So minimising distractions will get it done!
2. Play Christmas films. I am someone who loves Christmas and all the Christmas films. You can’t be sad while watching Christmas films so it just makes wrapping presents that little less daunting. 
3. Piles. And no, not the medical condition kind. What I found really useful was to put everyone’s gifts into piles. Tackle each pile at a time and you can see yourself getting somewhere. Once each pile has been completed, you feel motivated to keep going. 
4. Take breaks. There is no use sitting there for hours on end, trying to get through wrapping presents and feeling like you’d rather be pulling your teeth out. Plus, sitting in the same position gets really uncomfortable. So take regular breaks to space out the torture! (Alright, torture might be a bit over the top but you get the point)
5. Start with the easier shapes. There is nothing worse than an odd shape gift that you then have to try and wrap. So wrap all the easy shapes like a square box of chocolate first. That way it generally turns out quite neat, it’s quick to do and it makes you feel like you can actually do it. Leave the worst until last. 
So there you have it, a few of my tips to make wrapping that little bit easier. 
Good luck and just think, It’ll all be worth it!
| Harrison | 

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