What I Ate In Paris.

Well Hello, I am back. So I landed back from Paris midday yesterday and my feet are still hurting. I had my work Christmas party last night, so today is a day to sit on the sofa, feet up, Jeremy Kyle on the TV and write this post. 
Note: I actually cannot stand to watch Jeremy Kyle.
In this 2 part blog post, I will be going into detail about my experience in Paris, what I got up too while I was there and a few of my favourite things I ate. As you can probably tell from the title of the post, this is the one where I tell you what I ate while I was there. 
Where better to start than with breakfast. Literally every day I was there, I had some form of croissant. Whether it be plain or a pan au chocolat, either or, just as good. Our hotel was called The Derby Eiffel and as you can imagine by the name, it was a stones throw away from the Eiffel Tower. Nothing beats a morning stroll through the gardens of the Eiffel Tower on a cold fresh Parisian morning, crossing over the river and going to a very typical french cafe for breakfast. 
It’s the little things, ey! 
Moving on swiftly to the perfection that is Parisian coffee. Whether it was to compliment breakfast or to just stop and take the weight off, coffee and Paris just go together like Starbucks and Basic Bitch. You know, some things are just meant to be. 
I have been to Paris at the Christmas period every year, for the past three years and every time I’ve been, I have never had a bad coffee. 
I mean look at them pictures, how could you not want that?
Snack time now. This amazing apple tart was just perfection. We had this while over at the Sacre Coeur just a little way out of Paris. To get to the top of the Basilica itself, you have to climb 300 steps, so I think this was well deserved by the time we had climbed to the top. 
At the bottom of the Basilica, there are several cafes and coffee shops. All very much of a muchness so we just jumped into the first one we saw. 
This apple tart came with a scoop of ice cream which was so difficult to place the specific flavour. It definitely had vanilla in it, but it had something else and I just can’t put my finger on it. Either way, It tasted amazing! 
French cuisine at it’s best!
We move now onto the most weird and best part of the food post. So for dinner one night, we wanted to take a risk. We didn’t want to overthink dinner, we wanted typical french cuisine, we wanted to try something new and throw caution to the wind. We walked and walked to try and find somewhere, yet it turned out we stumbled across this french restaurant right around the corner from our hotel. We had a brief look at the menu before going in and decided to take the plunge. 
Escargot. Snails to you and I. 
Dad and I made a pledge that we would either try snails or frogs legs. Turned out we could find frogs legs so the snails had to do. They typically come on a plate of 6, however not feeling that adventurous we asked the waiter if he could just bring us 2. To be honest, It was just like a garlic mushroom. It was cooked in a hell of a lot of garlic and If you ignore what they look like, the consistency is like a mushroom as well. Overall, not awful, however I probably wouldn’t order them again. 
Now to what was the best food I ate in Paris and quite possibly the best food I have eaten in months. In the same restaurant still and as my main course, I chose the duck breast cooked in an orange sauce. 
A-mazing!!! Simply no words for how spectacular this was. The meat was perfectly cooked, the mash was super smooth and the veg.. well veg is veg, not all the much to say about that. 
As I sit here and look at that picture, my mouth is watering profusely. 
Mmmmm, heaven on a plate!! 
Last but by no means least and our final meal of the holiday, a pizza. Now who goes to France and eats an Italian. Me. And I have zero regrets. 
We kept walking past a dominos and I was in such a mood for a pizza. We stopped in this tiny pizzeria called Pizza Tina right by the Eiffel Tower. I had this mozzarella and parma ham and Dad had a calzone. 
This was such a lovely little pizzeria and I scoffed down the whole thing in minutes. 
 Needless to say, I was absolutely spoiled for choice when It came to food options. Everything and anything I had was just amazing, these were just a few of the best bits.
I hope you have enjoyed the post and liked the images above. 
Join me again for my next post where I will be giving you my guide to Paris. 
I have a lot to do for the post so I will be back very soon.
Stay tuned and enjoy your week.
| Harrison |

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