What I Smell Like.

Well good morning! Welcome to another little blog post. 
Today, I will talking you all through my two current fragrances. I always think there is no excuse to smell bad and I have an absolute obsession with aftershave. 
Whenever I wear either of these, I will always get compliments and people asking what fragrance am I wearing. So here it is, this is what I smell like. 
Secret: I have never bought my own aftershave. I always ask for aftershave for Christmas or birthdays and that way it see’s me through all year… And I don’t have to pay!! 
I think out of the two, my favourite is this one. This is Dolce & Gabbana: The One. This was released last year and I received this as a Christmas present. This is the largest bottle size and as you can see, It’s lasted me a while. 
I absolutely love this fragrance. It’s very strong and has really good wear. I’ll spray this on in the morning and by the afternoon, I can still smell it. I love that about an aftershave. The fact I don’t have to keep reapplying is great! 
I can highly recommend this fragrance and would make a perfect Christmas present! 
The bottle itself is okay, I mean it’s nothing special. It’s a really good size and quite heavy. The pump could do with being a little stronger as well. I find with this, I have to give it a few pumps to make sure I have enough on.
Apart from that, It’s amazing!
The next one is the Christian Dior: Eau For Men. This is a complete juxtaposition from the D&G scent. This Dior aftershave is a lot lighter and more fresh smelling. Which again I absolutely love and is perfect if you don’t want an overpowering scent. 
This Dior fragrance is what I would call an ‘everyday scent’. It smells expensive (If that possible) So you can wear it out in an evening to dinner or drinks, but also because it’s very fresh and very light, you could also just wear it during the day if you’re out shopping or out for lunch. 
It’s a very versatile fragrance and one that I love and again, perfect for any Christmas prezzie. 
This bottle is really good I think. The size is prefect, It’s not too heavy and the pump is amazing. One pump is more than enough, it’s so powerful that It applies enough for the whole day. Great design by Dior, ey!
So there you have it. The two fragrances I am loving at the moment and an insight as to what I smell like. 
Each year for Christmas I alway ask for something different, so I most likely won’t be wearing these scents next year. 
This is the last post from me before heading off to Paris. I’ll have a little smell around the Duty Free to get some new scent inspiration. 
I am SOOOO excited to visit my favourite place in the world and expect a couple of blog posts about my trip once I’m back!
I’ll be back soon. 
Au revoir!
| Harrison | 

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