How I Edit My Instagram Pictures.

Good morning guys, I hope you all had a great weekend.
Uploads have been a little bit all over the place recently, so I will be having a bit of a push on the blog posts and hopefully resume usual 2 weekly posts. 
Today, I will be talking you through how I edit my Instagram pictures. I take great pride and pleasure in editing my pictures and love my Instagram page, so today, you all get a little insight as to how I do it. 
Step 1
The first step when editing, I use the app Snapseed. I absolutely love this app. Snapseed is such a simple app to use. It is not one of those apps with filters, this app is more about sharpening, brightening and playing around with the colour and contrast of the image. 
I mainly use Snapseed to add structure to the image and sharpen it up. Depending on the particular image, I occasionally brighten the image accordingly. 
Step 2
Step 2 I move into VSCO cam. This has to be my all time favourite app. This is where I really get to transform the image and make it look ‘typical me’. All my images are edited with this app. 
VSCO cam is the app where you get to add a filer to the image, add slight fades and make the image look like something completely different. My favourite filter is F2 which a lot of my blog post images are edited with. 
And finally, Step 3
The final stage is very much dependant on my mood and very much dependent on the image. Whitagram is an app where you add the white border around the edge. Recently I have been using this app a lot less, however I do still like it. The main reason I got into this app was purely because it meant I could get the whole image in frame. As you all may know with Instagram, when you upload straight into the app itself, it doesn’t always allow for the whole image to be in frame. This is where I found this app to come in handy. It also makes the images look really cool as well. 
And there you have it. 3 easy steps on how to get a great Instagram shot. 
Photography is such a passion of mine so I take immense pride in the edit of an image. Sometimes I can spend 5 minutes editing a picture, other times I could take up to 30 minutes. 
I absolutely love looking at other peoples Instagram pages so please leave a link to your Instagram below and I’ll be sure to check it out and follow. 
You can all check out my Instagram page here
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight to how I edit my pictures. 
I’ll be back soon!
| Harrison | 

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