Pray For Paris.

Today we mourn the most horrific attack on Paris since the world war. Today, Paris has fallen. 
What once were places filled with enjoyment and entertainment, today are filled with devastation. A stadium, a theatre and restaurants came under attack from islamic state, ISIS. 
Paris will never be the same. 
The attack has been described as a retaliation on air strikes from the french. ISIS have been proud in claiming responsibility for the attacks which occurred late on the night of Friday the 13th. 
To me Paris will always be my favourite place to visit in the world and in a matter of days I will be travelling to the french capital. I hope the city that was once filled with magic continues to shine as bright as it once has. 
As Paris turn off it’s lights, the rest of the world turn theirs on. The world is thinking of Paris at this awful time. 
The world is Praying for Paris. 

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