Mini Lush Haul.

I definitely cannot resist when it comes to Lush Cosmetics…
Today I took my Mum shopping for Christmas presents. We left with no Christmas presents but we did manage to bag ourselves some bath bombs from Lush. 
I have always been a massive fan of Lush products, so I always find it difficult to pass a store without going in. Today I succumbed to temptation and went in… 
Taking my obsession into consideration, I did very well and only purchased 3 bath bombs.
The Snow Angel, The Comforter and The Fizzbanger
The Snow Angel

Lush are known for their amazing Christmas collections and they have only gone and done it again. As soon as I walked in, I went straight to anything that resembled Christmas… Like a kid in a candy store. 
The Snow Angel has a really fresh scent which I can’t seem to pin point… It’s just so fresh and I can’t wait to use it. I usually steer clear from anything glittery, however I did try one not too long ago and it was actually okay! Very much looking forward to trying this one out.
The Comforter 

Now for any of you die hard Lush fans out there will know this one, a staple in any good Lush store, The Comforter. This is hands down my favourite Lush product. It was the first product I ever tried and have absolutely been in love ever since. 
I think it is great value for money, you can easily get 2 bath’s from this one bath bomb and is so pigmented. Expect a fuchsia coloured bath when using this bad boy. 
The Fizzbanger

The name of this one is a good enough reason to buy it. The Fizzbanger. What a name. The colour of this one is what attracted me in the first place. Whenever I see something yellow, I can always guarantee that it is going to be fresh. This, unsurprisingly has a very strong lemon scent running through it. I cannot wait to use this, I know I’m going to get out of the bath feeling so fresh and clean.
Again, it’s a product I have never tried from Lush, but I am really excited to give It a go. 
If any of you have any favourite Lush products, please leave a comment below letting me know. I would love to know and try something new. 
Well I have a bath to run and one of these bad boys to use. 
I hope you have enjoyed this post and I’ll be back for another one soon!
Happy Sunday!
| Harrison |

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