Monthly Favourites | October

It’s that time of the week again, time for another blog post. 
And it’s that time of the month, time for another monthly favourites.
This month it has all been pretty autumn related. I really can’t stress enough how this month is my favourite. Saying that, I kind of struggled to decide what to include in this post. Above are just a few things which I have been loving. 
The first image of the leaf just resembles the weather. The crisp leaves, the amazing reds and oranges and the autumn in general. 
I have recently bought a scarf from Zara. I have never really been a scarf kinda guy, however I have been loving that look of an all dark outfit and then a bold scarf to tie it all together. This scarf is a massively oversized scarf that I am completely obsessed with and looks amazing. 
My best friend Kate and I have randomly become obsessed with Starbucks. We’ve never really been too into it. I mean it’s nice and if we’re in the mood, we’ll go. However this month, it’s all we’ve been doing. The Starbucks near us closes at 8:00pm and we have even been sad enough to make sure we finish dinner early to get there before closing… so sad! 
And then finally, my dear fireplace. There is simply nothing better than chilling in the lounge with the fire on, watching tv and relaxing with the family. One of life’s little pleasures. 
So I hope you’ve enjoyed this months favourites. I have also been loving a new jacket I got from Zara but didn’t include it in this post as I will be dedicating a future post to both my jacket and scarf. Stay tuned for that one!
See you on the weekend!
| Harrison | 

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