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This month has all been about preparing for the winter. The winter is really my favourite month. I love layering, wrapping up warm and I think it’s so much easier to dress for the winter. 
Recently, I have been wearing this outfit to the left. I have been loving the dessert boots for a while now, this pair are my absolute favourite. I bought this pair in H&M while in Paris. A simple pair of black jeans, a grey sweatshirt and then my khaki jacket from River Island. I think all these colours are very wintery and are really getting me in that winter spirit. 
Expect to see this outfit a lot throughout the winter! 

As much as I love the winter, I don’t love the cold that comes along with it. As I sit here typing this blog post, I am caressing a mug of Lemsip Max, surrounded by tissues and nursing a fever. Highly unglamorous. 
Today I have decided to take the day off work to recover. This Lemsip Max is really helping clear my cold. 
I’m not going to lie, I can’t stand the lemon flavour, It just makes me sick. So when I went into Tesco, I found this Apple & Cinnamon flavour which actually is pretty decent. 

I think I have officially found my favourite Starbucks drink. A grande Coffee Frappucino with a bit of whipped cream on top. Honestly the best thing ever. It’s pretty much a coffee milkshake. 
I love a good coffee, but occasionally I just don’t really want a hot drink. This is the happy medium of the both. I really don’t think you can beat a cold coffee. 
Other than this, I usually just go for a venti latte. 
I definitely would say I am a slight coffee addict. I have one every single morning before work, it’s just become part of my routine now. If I don’t have my morning coffee, the day just isn’t the same. 

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