My Favourite City | Paris.

I present to you, my all time favourite place in the world… PARIS!! 
For the past 2 christmas’ I have spent time in Paris. At winter, the city is so magical. Crisp air, christmas lights and winter markets. The city comes alive. 
I don’t think I could ever get bored of this place and if I could speak the language, I would definitely move there. There is something so chic, fresh and welcoming about Paris. Everywhere you go, there is something interesting, around every corner there is something new to explore with so much history. The city breathes history. 
Whenever I stay in Paris, I stay in a the hotel called The Derby Eiffel. It is right under the Eiffel Tower and a stones throw away from the Champs Elysees. Now who can go to Paris and not visit the Champs Elysees? 
Another reason I love Paris is the fashion… of course! Everyone is so chic, so effortless and so on point. Parisians do everything with purpose. They’re constantly on the move and look amazing while doing it. 
Fashion aside, Paris is literally a photographers heaven. With so much vast architecture and history, with a camera in hand, you’re in heaven. Between the outstanding museums, cool bridges and massive buildings, Paris is the prime location to get some really cool shots. 
I captured the shot above while walking the streets of paris at around 6:00am. We were on our way to get a coach over to the Palace of Versailles. To get to the coach stop, we took a shortcut through the grounds of the Lourve. It was amazing to see it all lit up with nobody around. It was a real spooky morning, but made for an amazing image. 
In my opinion, the way to really get the most from Paris is to take a stroll around at night. Everything just comes to life. 
The most magical city in the world, gets that little more magical….
I couldn’t speak highly enough Paris and really couldn’t recommend it enough. Some of my most fondest memories of being in the city are when me and my Dad got our coats on, wrapped up warm, camera in hand and really went exploring. 
After walking around the city, we came across this amazing little street. The houses were typical Parisian properties, all the leaves had fallen off the trees and The Eiffel Tower was completely lit up. I took this shot while quickly crossing the road, I just knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity of an amazing picture… What can I say, it paid off! 
So as you can tell, Paris really does hold a dear place in my heart. 
What places do you love to visit or have fond memories of? I’d love to hear. 
I hope you’ve enjoy this insight into my favourite city and I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my photography with you again. 
Until next time…
| Harrison | 

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