My Location | Bournemouth.

A little Sunday update…
So I live in Bournemouth, a little seaside town on the south coast of England. Lived here all my life and well, I’m pretty blessed. Bournemouth is such a nice town, really popular in the summer for tourists (yay for me) and just a lovely place to live. 
I live about a 15 minute walk from the beach which, guilty as charged, I really don’t visit enough… But yesterday, my Dad and I took a little stroll down where I captured some shots. 
It was such an autumn-ey day yesterday. Grey skies, pretty cold and a bit windy. My favourite to be honest. I absolutely love the winter months and actually prefer going to the beach when it’s cold, rather than when its warm. There’s something quite moody about the beach when it’s cold, as seen in above picture.
In Bournemouth we have 2 piers. One in the town centre and then one about 3 miles down the beach in a place called Boscombe. This pier I am stood on in the above picture is the one in Boscombe. It’s a pretty nice beach, which has all been revamped recently. This is the closest pier to my house. 
Along the newly revamped beachfront, they have just added these really cool beach huts. They are so cool! They have completely brightened up the seafront, even on a dull day like yesterday! 
Colour isn’t really my thing, but I really like these beach huts. They definitely made for a good picture! 
I love going on little walks like these and do them quite regularly. Expect future posts from my walking adventures! (Oh I sound like such an adventurer) 
Happy Sunday!!
| Harrison | 

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