Only a short post today… 
Today’s post will be an expression of my new found love of house plants. 
Recently I have really been releasing my inner interior designer. I have been loving re arranging my room, buying new and exciting things, making the place look a lot neater and adding a few pops of colour. My most recent love is houseplants.
I thought I’d add a little life to my room, and these three cool little plants are exactly that. I got them from a garden centre in the UK called Stewarts. It was like pic N mix of the cactus world. You got to pick your pot then pick your cactus. It was great. Cactus heaven if you will. 
I’m currently in the process of saving for a mortgage, so I’m channelling my inner interior designer into my room at home in preparation for when I move out. My vision for my house is New York loft/ Scandinavian Chic. Very specific I know. But I thought if I purchase a bunch of things now, then when I finally bite the bullet and purchase a property, I’ll already have a lot of the stuff with me. It’s all about forward planning. 
I may do a post soon about my love of interior… Stay tuned! 
| Harrison |  

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