Monthly Favourites | September

Happy Sunday!! This is a little late as we’re now in October, but today i’ll be discussing my favourites for the month of September. So I hope you enjoy and let’s get into it!!

Disclosure: Don’t expect any surprises here… Most of these products have been featured in other posts throughout the month!

Firstly and most obviously it’s the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. This is heaven. I have been absolutely loving this and I think this will feature in many a blog post to come. It goes on so effortlessly and starts as an oil. Lather up with a bit of water and it soon thins out and really cleanses the skin. Wash off with a muslin cloth and you’re good to go. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and I have really been noticing a difference. Side note: It smells like turkish delight… but hey, who doesn’t want to smell of sweet goodness? 
Well well well… what can I say about this? Just that it is skincare perfection. The way I came about this was that my friend had it, I heard about it online so when I saw she used this, I was on that! As soon as I put it on, I was in love. It really does as it says on the tin (Although as you can see, it’s not  tin). It covers the sight of any pores and imperfections and really does leave your skin feeling so smooth. This works really well for me to cover any shine as well. I tend to use a pea size splodge in the morning over my nose and along my cheekbones. The packaging does state that it’s good to use as top-up during the day, but i’ve been finding it lasts all day. This for sure is a top contender of the favourites this month and will definitely be replenishing once i’ve run out. 
You may have seen this baby featured in my What’s In My Bag post. This is my new Whistles key ring and well, look at it. It’s so cool. What a way to brighten up a set of keys. Obviously my car keys are on me at all times, so why not jazz it up. I have had so many people ask me where I got this and so many compliments. So I picked this one up from the ASOS website and have no regrets. It came in three different colour combinations, but the red was my fave!! Not only does it look really good, it’s practical. Now that it’s so big and bright, I can now actually find my keys at the bottom of my bag. Now if that’s not a reason to put this into my monthly favourites, then I don’t know what is!! 
Now onto this bad boy. Last but not least it’s my new pen. I’m a bit of a self-confessed stationary whore, so when my best friend, Kate told me she had a fancy pen which she didn’t use, I practically begged her for it. 
With my job, I am constantly writing things down, taking notes, signing things and just generally need a pen for everything. The problem is, all the pens in my office are horrible. So when I got my hands on this bad boy, all my stationary dreams came true. I feel like a right Fancy Nancy when I whack this one out!! 
If you’re interested, this pen is from the brand Cross. I didn’t know how much it cost as it was a gift. But it’s so good, highly recommended… especially for those stationary whores among us!
So there you have it. My 4 favourite things throughout the month of September. I have decided this is something I will be doing every month. So we’ll see if anything repeats itself this time next month!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you mid week for another post!
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