My Obsession With Tanned Leather.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realised I think I’m addicted…. 
… Addicted to brown leather.
It was never intentional. It wasn’t until I was looking through my accessories when I soon realised that I have a hell of a lot of brown leather. I guess I have always just been attracted to it when purchasing anything. 
So, I guess I’ll talk you through those purchases… what else do you do when you have an addiction? Blog about it, duh! 
We start at the very bottom of the pile, my latest purchase, a note book. I have decided that I need to become more of a list person. I always think of things I need to get done, but never end up doing them. I’m thinking lists are going to help. This amazing note book Is from Paperchase. I could spend a fortune on stationary, but on this latest trip, I reframed and only got the notebook. 
Working our way up the pile, we move onto my current wallet. I bought this one while in Paris at christmas. I bought this from Zara and It’s perfect. Slightly large, but perfect. I have never found a wallet big enough for everything I need and this one I found especially handy when travelling. It fits my passport, money, boarding passes etc, everything I need while travelling.
Now onto my next tanned leather item, a phone case. Not just any phone case, but one that holds cards, my phone and my iPod. Sometimes If I don’t need the whole contents of my wallet, I use this to hold my phone, iPod and cards. It comes in handy when I’m just running errands around town. 
Let’s discuss the penultimate item. My old wallet. I never like anything too traditional, so this wallet I picked up on ASOS. This is from Scotch & Soda. Don’t get me wrong, I love this wallet, but It’s just not big enough. Sometimes, bigger is better. 
Last but not least… my all time favourite item. My watch. Oh my dear Daniel Wellington watch. I wanted one of these for years, but in the UK, they are hard to come by. It wasn’t until my recent trip to the USA where I was mooching around in Bloomingdales, when I came across this baby. However at the time, it had a different strap, a strap from their Nato range. One I love all the same, yet one that I didn’t find as durable as the leather strap. This strap I picked up on the Daniel Wellington website a couple of months ago and have loved it ever since. 
So there you have It. A small Insight Into the obsession I have with tanned leather. 
I hope you have enjoyed it. Comment below some of your obsessions, I’d love to know! 
 | Harrison | 


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