The Glossier Review | By Harrison

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My recent trip to New York was a trip of many ‘firsts‘. One of those firsts was my trip to Glossier. In the blogging world, Glossier is currently experiencing it’s 15 minutes of fame, it’s hype. It’s currently the best thing since sliced bread and as it doesn’t ship here to the UK, it’s even more exclusive. So me being me, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

So buckle up, grab yourself a cuppa & several biscuits and prepare yourself for the review of all reviews. Welcome to my review on Glossier.

Let’s begin which what I actually bought. I picked up the Phase 1 Set which includes the Milky Jelly Cleanser, The Priming Moisturiser & The Balm Dot Com. This set comes in at $45 which for those of you in the UK, it’s about £40.

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// The Priming Moisturiser \\

Starting with the moisturiser. Probably the one product that’s a bit here nor there for me. It’s good for what it does, but it’s nothing special. The ‘Priming’ feature means it’s great for ladies (or men, no discrimination here) who are applying make-up. You can build the product as much as you like/need to add a layer of moisture and use this a base before applying any makeup. That said, you can use it as your every day moisturiser and it does a cracking job at just that.

What I love about this, is the fact it’s not too shiny. It has quite a matte finish, meaning you don’t come away looking like you’ve already been for a run. What I don’t like is the smell. Whatever the scent is, it’s horrible. I absolutely cannot get used to it & for me, this is a massive let down.

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// The Balm Dot Com \\

Jumping into my favourite of the three. The Balm Dot Com is a universal balm that can be used on lips or skin. I chose to have the original scent. If you don’t already know, I’m an absolute lip balm whore. I love the stuff & I think I’m addicted. (Stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to all things lips)

Naturally I was going to fall in love with this the minute I tried it. What I really like about this, is how long lasting & matte it is. It has quite a thick texture which is what makes it so long lasting, it just means it’s not great to wear to bed. Also, the applicator is useless. It’s really rough when applying, so you’re best bet is to use your finger. Overall though, a great product and definitely one I’d repurchase… when they finally ship here.

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// The Milky Jelly Cleanser \\

Now for the biggest disappointment of them all… I know, I know… let me explain.

I had so many high hopes for this. I’m a huge lover of the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel & I’ve heard so many comparisons between the two. So I was dying to try this & it’s the one product that drew me to Glossier in the first place. So when I got this, I was expecting so much, I think I possibly set my standards a little too high.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great cleanser. It cleanses really well, it’s given great results and I’d definitely buy it again. However, it just doesn’t have a ‘wow‘ factor. It doesn’t lather up (which is weird), it doesn’t smell of anything (which is off-putting) and overall doesn’t have a lot going on!

With that in mind, don’t let it put you off. I would still recommend these products & I’d still buy them again! Overall it’s a great brand & I love the concept of Glossier.


Apologies it’s been a bit rambley today. Is it only Wednesday already? That’s it from me today, I’m off to get ready for work and get on with this week.

Happy hump day & I’ll see you back here on Friday!

| Harrison |


Welcome To

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Oh god, I’m nervous even typing this. 

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Let me start with the introductions.

My name is Harrison Beach, I am a twenty-something Bournemouth-dweller with a love of all things food, travel & lifestyle. To be fair, I don’t even know what ‘lifestyle‘ is. I guess it’s my way of saying I blog about anything and everything that’s going on in my life.

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For those of you who have been here before, welcome back I hope you like the new look. For those of you who are new around here, welcome. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now. In the beginning, I wasn’t so frequent. I would post here & there but it was only when I felt like it. Then as time pushed on and I began to enjoy it more, I picked up the blogging bug and created a schedule. So now, for the past year I’ve been uploading 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday’s post, for all you foodies out there, is always a food related post, titled Foody Friday.

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Why come ‘public‘ with this now? Well, after so long it get’s pretty tough to hide. Photographing, editing & writing 3 blog posts a week, without anyone suspecting a thing is a hard secret to keep. I’d be sat there in an evening, typing away and suddenly mum will come out with “Tap, tap, tapping away. What the hell are you doing?“. So yeah, now, it just feels like the right time.

Plus it makes things A LOT easier…

Also, without getting too deep, this year has been pretty crap so far. Amongst the SH*T TONNE of bad stuff, there has been some good… and I wanted this to be one of those ‘goods’.

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Before wrapping things up, I have a few thank you’s. Firstly a big thank you to my girl Emma for taking the pictures for this blog post. Fun fact: I paid her back with a McDonalds… That’s how we roll.

And secondly a big thank you to Amber for creating my SICK logo. Bless her, she rescued me in my time of need, put up with my picky demands and took my crappy little sketch and turned it into this amazing logo. Everyone, go check her out if you need anything designed! Unfortunately, Amber didn’t receive a McDonald’s.

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So for now, I’m going to sign this post of here and prepare for the influx of questioning. This is the first time friends & family will fully see & know about the blog… and thats slightly killing me inside.

There are some pretty exciting things coming up soon, so I look forward to sharing those as they happen.

I hope you like it. Any most feedback is greatly welcomed & I hope you enjoy the new content & the new and improved

Thanks for reading.

| Harrison |

Foody Friday | Food By Harrison

This week, Dad and I took a walk out into the forest, to one of my favourite Cafe’s. 
The Old Station House Cafe. 
As It says in the title, this used to be the old train station of a train line that ran right through the forest. Now it’s one of the nicest cafes we have here in the The New Forest. 
Usually I grab a bacon, brie & cranberry sandwich but this time, we were a little early for lunch so it was coffee and pastries on the menu. 
I had a flat white (my go-to) and this pecan plait. The perfect combo for a Sunday morning walk. 
| Harrison |