Tough Talks: LGBTQ+ | By Harrison

Tough Talks-3

God, It’s been a week already since the last Tough Talks? Well, with that in mind, I’m back with Part 2 in this 3 part series. Today, I’m going to be touching on a subject I’ve mentioned before and something that a lot of my friends, find weird when I share my opinion. LGBTQ+.

So why do my friends think I’m weird when I discuss this? Well, I’m not the biggest supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. As a gay man, you probably would expect that I am or at least, should be. But I’m not. The whole thing just frustrates me. I feel that the gay community have put themselves into a box, separated themselves and now have nowhere to go. Yes, years ago it was illegal to be gay, it was never accepted and people were seriously hurt because of it. Fast forward to the present day, I think gay people are widely accepted, ‘gay bashing’ is less of a thing and actually, gay people are no longer in the minority.

Having a whole group dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, in itself separates them. I thought their whole point was to be included? In the company I work for, we have ‘diversity’ groups. Groups for LGBTQ+, for people of colour, for religion, women and elderly people. It seems like they’re creating a group for everyone that’s not a white, straight male?

The reason I don’t support things like Gay PRIDE events & anything to do with LGBTQ+ is because I feel miss-represented. Whenever you look at anything to do with being gay all they have to show is cross-dressers, glitter, rainbows and mincing… that’s not a true representation of gay people. Not all of us, mince around with sequins and glitter… yet that’s all they showcase. So why would I support something that miss-represents most of us. You can be gay, without being… OTT.

I don’t even know what the Q & the + mean in the LGBTQ+…

So to finish, I would like to add that I would much rather support ‘peoples rights’, rather than separate people into groups. Let’s all celebrate humans, celebrate each and every one of us, let’s live a life full of inclusion and make nobody feel like they’re separated.

I’m calling an end to today’s post here. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I hope it sparks some sort of feeling and makes you consider how you represent yourself & how you treat others. Again, I hope nobody takes offence to anything mentioned in the Tough Talks series. For now, I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!

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Foody Friday | Food By Harrison

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I’m going to put it out there, I think this is one of my favourite ever Foody Friday’s! This week Kate & I decided to follow a viral video and create this incredible dessert.

This is a stack of glazed ring donuts from Crispy Cremes, put into a waffle machine and cooked! Yes, I know right… GENIUS!!

Stack ’em up, top with Nutella and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and just for a little bit of health, sprinkle a generous portion of strawberries. I kid you not. The. Best.

Yes, It’s probably a heart attack on a plate, but hey, it’s not like we had it twice in the space of a week…. (we had it twice)


| Harrison |

What I Did This Weekend | By Harrison

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I think these images have to be some of the most random I’ve ever posted. But hey, as the title indicates, this post is all about what I did this weekend. And trust me, It was a pretty busy one. As I sit down Monday morning to write this, I’m feeling pretty achey and pretty tired.

So firstly on Saturday, I worked in the morning. This was the last day I was working as I now have 2 weeks off… buzzing! After that I went for a walk in the New Forest with my dad. We we’re pretty lucky because as soon as we got back to the car, the heavens opened and it pretty much rained for the rest of the day!

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After that, I went home and chilled on the sofa for a bit. We have an amazing farm shop round the corner from our new house, so after a cuppa tea and a slice of home made tea loaf, I drove round there to pick up some goodies. In the evening of the Saturday, Kate and I got a takeaway and watched our new favourite programme, Bates Motel!

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Sunday was the big day. Moving into this new house, there is sooo much work that needs to be done. 9:00am I was up and stripping wallpaper. Finally, I’ve finished the second room upstairs… It’s all been a bit of a ball ache.

Then came the garden. Now our garden in this new place is HUGGEE, if anything a little too big. But it’s been left for months now, just getting more and more overgrown and it was time to sort it out. Trimming hedges, mowing the overgrown lawn, cutting trees and then taking it all to the tip. Many nails were broken (as seen above) and let me tell you, my body aches today!

But overall, it was a really good weekend. It was nice to finally feel like we’re getting somewhere with the house, it was good to be productive and what’s even better, is today (Monday) I don’t have to go to work. I can sit and chill for the day!

I hope you all had great weekends, this post goes live on Hump Day, so we’re nearly at the end of the week and can begin to look forward to the weekend!

I’ll see you back here on Friday!

| Harrison |

Tough Talks: ‘The Isim’s’ | By Harrison

Tough Talks

Welcome to the first of a new mini series I’m going to be doing over here on the blog. Tough Talks. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but I’ve been slightly worried about it. Tough Talks is going to be a 3-part series, where I talk and touch upon some of the most talked about things in the media today. This is an opportunity for me to show you guys the other side of me, to prove that I’m not all about morning routines and monthly favourites and that actually, there are real things going on in the world that are pissing me off, or that I just want to share my opinion on. My reason for being slightly worried about doing this post is due to conflicting opinions. This is the type of thing that sparks tough conversation & debate, but hey, debate is good. So without further ado, welcome to Tough Talks: The Isim’s.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 20.44.49

Feminism & Sexism. Two topics which seem to have gained more and more of a platform in mainstream media and two subject matters that seem to be getting under my skin. I chose to discuss this as I was watching GMB earlier on this week and a comment was made that sparked me to tweet the above tweet.

“Men are simple creatures”… I quote word for word. I would very much like to point out, if a man went on national TV, on a platform as huge as GMB and made said statement, they would be hung, drawn & quartered. This sparked a reaction in me that made me think, is sexism a two way street?

If you google the definition of sexism, you’ll find this: ” prejudice, stereotyping or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex“. So already, the definition on google is pointing out that sexism is mostly directed towards women. I feel I have to disagree.

I truly believe, in this day in age with feminist’s being given a larger platform, feminism has lost it’s true meaning and has turned into women, being sexist against men. Made famous by Beyonce, the quote states: “Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political & economic equality of the sexes“. However, I just don’t feel that’s the case. Firstly, I would like to point out I am all for equality of all kinds, I fully embrace female power and no glass ceiling, however I feel there has just been too many women out there, preaching and ‘men-hating’ and it needs to stop.

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With feminism, bordering sexism, I fear that a divide is coming. Men will soon react. At the end of the day, we’re all human and for a certain group of females, who call themselves feminists, to tar all men with the same brush is simply unfair. I would like to point out, the 5 most powerful people in this country, are female. Please show me where women cannot succeed due to their gender?

I truly believe that there are places, in this world that still class women as second class citizens and don’t allow them the same opportunities as men. However, here in the UK, where the main stream media have given such a platform to said ‘feminists’, it’s just not the case.

Is there such thing as a man-inist? A male version of feminist? Again, I’m all for women’s rights, but I also take offence when being tar’d with the same brush and being given a title, that just a small group of men actually fall into. There is now a very thin line between feminism & sexism.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the very first Tough Talks post. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday for another, usual themed post, but stay tuned for next Monday where the second part of Tough Talks will be up!

Please leave a comment below, with your opinions on today’s topic & let me know what you think of anything discussed in today’s post.

I hope nobody takes offence to anything mentioned here today. I would like to point out, these are all my own opinions and everyone is entitled.

| Harrison |